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The Importance of Carrier Vetting

With the ongoing regulatory changes facing the industry, it’s more important than ever that carriers, shippers and brokers work closely together to ensure safety. Recent judicial rulings have changed the game when it comes to shipper/broker liability, and any company that fails to adjust is taking on unnecessary risk. FMCSA scores aren’t enough to ensure you are working with reliable partners. It takes a carrier vetting process that takes into account ALL potentially relevant info, including insurance status/coverage and the company’s financial history. As capacity tightens, some will be tempted to cut corners or operate below advisable standards in order to satisfy demand. This is a dangerous situation – one that Apex is committed to avoiding.

We pride ourselves on our total commitment to only working with the safest and most reliable partners. We not only investigate each of them thoroughly; we work diligently to maintain good relationships with the country’s best carriers. That’s why, even in times of shortage, we’re still able to ensure that we’re working with the right companies. It’s part of how we create value and help to protect our customers and ourselves.

We know it’s an increasingly dangerous and litigious world out there, and we’re working hard every day to be proactive and make sure our procedures and operations are the absolute best they can be.  At Apex, we pride ourselves on delivering the industry’s best protection for our clients and ourselves.  Contact us for more information.