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Carrier References

Carrier References



  • Recreational Vehicle Transport- Curtis A. Billiot President

“On all occasions they have been forthright. Never a question regarding circumstances or payment. We hope to continue our relationship.”

  • Noble Beck

“Rate sheets are always done quickly and accurately even with some our more challenging loads. The line of communication has always been excellent. I would definitely recommend Apex Freight Services to other carriers looking for a third-party broker.”

  • B & S Trucking- Scott Martin

“Apex has a great team of dispatchers who really understand transportation. If you have questions about the load, they have the answers. If there is a problem they are on it, and they get it resolved FAST! Payments are on time every time. I only recommend people I trust, so I recommend Apex.”

  • Styer Transportation Co- Russ Simon

“Apex Freight is a top-notch freight broker. They understand the business from the carrier aspect and are very fair and professional to deal with. We have been hauling regularly for them for over a year now and are very pleased to partner with them in the freight business.”

  • Today’s Transportation- Jimmy Singh

“Apex’s customer service is unparalleled. They are friendly, true professionals, competent and always ready to give quality service.”

  • Rock Creek Trucking- Teresa Wingler

“Rock Creek Trucking has been doing business with Apex Freight Services, Inc. for several years. We enjoy working with everyone we have had contact with throughout the years. Apex is very dependable with their load information and expectations. Apex is one of the best companies we have worked with in regards to paying us on time. Apex Freight Services, Inc. would be a great role model for any company to follow. On a scale of 1 ( worst ) to 10 ( best ) we would rate them a 10+. We would highly recommend them to anyone.”

  • MFL Merchants Freight Line Inc.- Missy Clay

“One of the first brokers we booked with was Apex Freight Services, Inc. We learned very quickly that Apex Freight Services, Inc. sets the bar above all other brokers. Their employees are always friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. They understand that the trucking company is a big part of their business. They have always tried to help when we ask the impossible. It is also nice calling and having a person answer the phone. I know Apex looks out for us and that helps us strive to do a good job for them.”
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  • Nationwide Magazine & Book Distributors, Inc.- James Abercrombie

“Having done business with Apex for over 4 years, I am pleased to tell you I only have positive experiences. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that conducts business in a professional manner; we have had no unexpected charge backs, additional drops, booked loads becoming unavailable etc. Our invoices are paid in a timely manner. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.”
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