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Bulk Transporter: In the Wake of Hurricane Isaac, Apex Unveils New Emergency Response Mobile Unit

August 30, 2012:

Apex Freight Services has deployed its new Emergency Response Mobile Logistics Unit to support businesses and government agencies in the path of Hurricane Isaac. Apex is based in Lafayette LA and manages logistics for a variety of cargos, including liquid bulk shipments.

Apex has equipped a fifth-wheel travel trailer with a generator, laptop computers and wireless internet capabilities that will enable the third-party logistics company to duplicate their clients’ operations from any remote location and ensure continuity of service.

“The complications that result from widespread power outages are particularly difficult for truck fleets, which rely on dispatch communication to operate efficiently,” says Tracy Pellerin, Apex chief executive officer. “Our full-service Mobile Logistics Center will offset these challenges by allowing operations to continue without interruption.” In addition to maintaining their own dispatch and operational capacity, Apex can also provide this valuable assistance to other entities involved in disaster response, including federal and state agencies and local government.

The vehicle is currently positioned in Beaumont TX. The location was chosen because it is safely out of Hurricane Isaac’s path but still near the areas that will be affected. The unit can be relocated at a moment’s notice as circumstances change. Pellerin, along with several Apex employees, have volunteered to operate the unit as long as it is needed. Please contact Tracy Pellerin at for more information about Apex Freight Services’s Mobile Logistics Center.

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