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Safety Commitment

Safety Commitment

Apex takes a proactive approach to carrier safety by understanding the big picture. While most brokers approve carriers through their operations department, Apex puts safety first with a stringent carrier approval process administrated by our safety department, and a firm commitment to partner only with safe carriers. We maintain a robust carrier monitoring system that looks not only at how carriers have performed in the past, but interfaces in real-time with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) scoring data to ensure our carrier statistics are accurate and up to the minute.

“I’m a parent and a grandparent and I take safety personally. At Apex, we will never knowingly hire an unsafe carrier. Life is precious, and it’s simply not an option to come up short on safety. We just won’t do it, period.”  Tracy Pellerin, CEO 

Beyond data, we use common sense. If our dispatchers get a sense from interactions with drivers or carriers that they are unaware or disrespectful of safety concerns or issues, we won’t hire them. At Apex, our bottom line is preservation, and that means safeguarding this company and our customers. When we say safety first, we mean it.

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